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Information taken form a Memorial service booklet held at St Gwynin's Church, Dwygyfylchi

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Driver Thomas Roberts    
R.G.A was the son of Mr & Mrs.Roberts, Berthlwyd. Dwygyfylchi, Died abroad of fever on July 19th, 1916 at the age of 25.
His father is well known amongst us, and for many years served the parish faithfully as a district Councillor.
  Private E.D.Hughes 
8th Batt., R.W.F.. the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hughes of Glandwr, Celyn Street, Now of Bryn-tirion died abroad of heatstroke on june 23rd, 1916 at the age of 23.
Private Hughes was the only child of Mr.& Mrs. Hughes, For whom much sympathy was felt.
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Private Arthur John Roberts.
No.2 Kiosks 1st Battn. R.W.F 7th Division was in France since September 1914 and fought at Ypres Neuve Chapelle, Festubert and Loos.
Died of wounds n hospital in France, May 2nd, 1916.
His son, Arthur, was in the St. Cuthbert Scene n our Pageant and represented the staint.
  Private Ivor Vivian Thomas
1th Batt. R.W.F.. was the son of Mr Richard and the late Mrs Annie Thomas, of High Street. Was wounded in France, and Died on December 14th, 1916, at the age of 20


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Private Owen Griffiths
!st R.W.F.. son of Mr William Griffiths, 11 Tan-y- Dderwen (late of New York Terrace). Killed in action in France on February 25th, 1917. Aged 25.


  Private W. Owen Roberts
1st Batt. R.W.F.. of 45, High Street, went to France in September 1914. He Fought at Ypres, Neuve Chapelle, Festubert and Loos. He was wounded on the night before his leave and died on May 28th, 1916, at the age of 30.
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David Rees Williams
R.A.M.C., only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Williams, fell in action on October 3rd, 1917, in his 21st year. It will be remembered that Mr J. E.Williams was our much respected postmaster.
  Private Richard Powell
7th City Bat. M/C Regiment, late of Dyffryn Terrace, Dwygyfylchi, was killed in France on July 1st, 1916 aged 24 years. A memorial stone has been placed in the Parish Church Yard.
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Private William David Jones
9th Batt. R.W.F.. was the only son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jones of 5 Glyn Terrace, Dwygyfylchi. He was killed by a shell in France on October 28th, 1916 at the age of 19. Private W.D.Jones was apprenticed to the late Mr. Edward Jones, and was one of the number who built the Church House.
  Gunner H Rees Williams
!8 Davids Street. Attached to the 215th Battery. B.E.F. Died of pneumonia at the New Zealand Stationary Hospital on February 16th, 1917. Buried at Ameiens Cemetery in France. Aged 29.


Seaman Thomas W. Parry
The second son of Mr. Parry, Tan-y-Maes, Died at Devonport on January 17th, 1917 at the age of 20. He was buried at Dwygyfylchi with military Service when the War began, but soon after the outbreak of war he joined the Navy. He was on the beat last which left S. Helles when Gallipoli was evacuated.


Inscriptions of the Memorials of World War 1 and World War 2

Penmaenmawr (Outside Community Centre)  Inscription says




To The Glory of god and in memory of the Penmaenmawr

fallen heroes of the great war 1914-1918

Davies, Lloyd
Davies, William R
Dowell, Oswald E
Edwards, John
Evans, Edward H
Foulkes, David
Foulkes, David P
Griffiths, David LL
Griffiths, Owen
Griffiths, Robert
Hughes, Arthur J
Hughes, Edward D
Hughes, Hugh
Hughes, Thomas J
Jones, David L
Jones, David W LL
Jones, H Elved
Jones, John
Jones, Norman
Jones, Richard
Jones, Robert D
Jones, William D
Jones, W Ernest
Jones, William H
Lunt, John W
Moody, Dennis
Moody, Wallace
Owen, Henry
Parry, Ivor V
Parry, Richard
Parry, Thomas W

Prestidge, John
Roberts, Arthur J
Roberts, David J
Roberts, Ellis
Roberts, Ernest
Roberts, Hugh
Roberts, John R
Roberts, Llewelyn O
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Robert T
Roberts, Thomas
Roberts, William O
Roberts, William T
Robinson, Thomas P
Sanders, Alfred F
Thomas, Ivor V
Thomas, John
Thomas, Thomas H
Wheeler Agustus H
Williams, David R
Williams, Hugh R
Williams, J Richard
Williams, John R
Williams, Owen B
Williams, Owen O
Williams, Richard E
Williams, Robert W
Williams, William B
Williams, William D
Williams, william H
Williams, William J

Bees Albert
Cooper Robert
Dyer W. Herbert
Evans Emlyn
Evans Emrys
Griffiths Griffiths J
Hall, Robert E
Horton Leonard
Hughes Charles T
Hughes Ernest
Jones Arthur T
Jones Bobbie
Jones Harold E
Jones John H
Jones John W
Jones Robert S
Jones Thomas J
Lee Eric
Lewis Elfed
Price Idris
Radcliffe Michael
Roberts Gwilym
Roberts Kenneth
Roberts Stanley W
Williams Nancy
Williams Sydney
Williams William
Small Section added on    
Davies, Harold
Johnson, Kenneth R.
Owen, Joseph T.