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(Named after the daughter of the owner)


Story about a accident that happened on Penmaenmawr Beach

5th. to 18th. November 1967

Loading 1500 tons of 6mm chippings for Hamburg.

Vessel arrived at noon on Saturday the 5th November 1967, berthed on the west side of pier ready for loading on Sunday morning to ensure sufficient water depth.

The weather was sunny, warm and calm.

By 6 am on Sunday 7th November a northerly gale force 9 wind had developed. For whatever reason the crew was unable to take the vessel out into the bay and shelter.

By 8am the ship was being pounded, fracturing 8” diameter hemp ropes together with four wire ropes.

All attempts at holding the ship on to the pier failed. The ships crew by now having fired several rockets across the pier to which nylon ropes were attached and secured to pier bollards.

Slowly but surely the vessel was blown towards the beach. During this period, now 2 pm., the ships 1st mate was climbing up the steps to the bridge when a wire rope broke and snaked towards the bridge catching the mate below the knees, both legs were amputated. A helicopter was flown in and winched the mate up and took him to Bangor hospital.

From the pier it then appeared to us that the crew had lost control after this incident. The ship was then blown towards the beach where it became high and dry at 4 pm.

The vessel remained on the beach for 14 days and with the help of bulldozers and a tug in the bay was refloated on the 18th November at 10.30 pm (high water).

Recollections of Quarry Manager Mr. D.H. Jones at the time